1. Your customer checks your schedule online and sees your availability in real time.  Your schedule is accessible 24/7, from anywhere.
  2. Your customer selects the service he/she is interested in.  An option could be with a specific employee or at a particular location.
  3. Your customer books the time slot of his/her choice based on the availability you specified.  Your schedule is automatically updated online and you are notified based on your preferences.


Phone Appointments

Some of your customers may still prefer to make an appointment over the phone, or in person.  You simply enter these appointments in your online schedule to keep it up-to-date.


  • 100% free for your customers
  • You manage everything online
  • You do not need to have a website
  • Your online schedule is available 24/7, and accessible from anywhere
  • Nothing to download or install: all you need is an Internet connection!
  • Highly customizable (used in many industries)

Premium Setup Service

We’ve done everything to make it easy to customize and configure your schedule yourself.  However, we do understand that busy professionals may not have the time or staff to set everything up.  We can help.


Features of Online Instant Scheduling

Appointment Management

People Management