What types of businesses can use Online Instant Scheduling?

Our system is designed for any business whose customers need to make appointments. It could be used in many industries: healthcare, education, coaching, finance, marketing… from small family-owned businesses to large corporations!

Do I have to download anything? Can I use it from any computer?

Online Instant Scheduling is a web-based application: there is nothing to download, install, maintain, or upgrade. All you need is a computer with Internet access. Our web based application will work with most browsers. Accepting appointments online is just a few clicks away: just set up your account and you’re ready to go! Our system is very easy to use, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Do I need to have a website?

No. Your online schedule will be available from our website (your appointment scheduler can also be used as a stand-alone website). Nevertheless, you can easily integrate our system into your own website if you have one! You may also buy a domain name and have it redirected to your online scheduler. We recommend MyInternetWebSite.com for domain name registration. For any website services needed please contact TheSiteCrew.com.

I have a website, can I integrate Online Instant Scheduling into a page of my website instead of linking to it?

Absolutely, the main advantage to doing this is so that your client never feels like they have left your website. There are several ways to accomplish this. Please visit our HELP page for more information.

Can I accept online payments?

Yes. Our system allows your customers to pay for their appointments: you can use your online scheduler to process payments thru most third party payment processors, like PayPal and others. You may also opt for a tighter integration and have the appointment automatically confirmed upon successful payment (confirmation is optional), have different prices for each service and customize the payment form.

How reliable is your service?

Our uptime never falls below 99% and the system is monitored 24/7. Our servers are housed in a world-class data center (located in Chicago, Illinois) with backup generators, air conditioning and on-site security.

How secure is my data?

All sensitive data is encrypted (using banking grade SSL technology), and stored in a highly secure database with state-of-the-art backup and firewall technologies. It is not accessible to any unauthorized parties. We also have a strict privacy policy (all information we collect from our clients is strictly confidential). Your password is also additionally encrypted so that nobody, including ourselves, may know it.

Is this HIPAA / HIPPA compliant?

If your business deals with patients for medical purposes in the United States, you are probably interested in the HIPAA (or HIPPA).

Our website is fully secured. Information transmitted to and from our website will be encrypted using banking grade SSL connections (for you and your patients). The database is placed behind both hardware and software firewalls to ensure optimum protection.
In addition to that, every bit of information is password secured.

Patients cannot see anything related to other patients and will need to be authenticated to review their own appointments / information.

Our servers are physically housed in a state of the art datacenter with redundant power and access to the Internet, armed security and biometric access for authorized technicians only.

As far as being HIPAA compliant, we do comply with most of the requirements but we do not purport to keep accurate information on file at all times (patients can alter it or make mistakes). Our software should not be relied upon for the purpose of treating patients (you should probably keep your own medical records and confirm every bit of information with the patient) but might be used to acquire preliminary information and facilitate the appointment. In this regard we would be HIPAA compliant, but most provisions do not really apply here and therefore we cannot be said to be fully compliant. For example, we will export your data so that you may archive it for as long as necessary to comply with the HIPAA but we will not keep it on file ourselves for 6+ years if you do terminate your subscription.

Keep in mind that only Health related information is addressed by the HIPAA, and our policy is to protect all information (see the aforementioned protections) regardless of its nature or potential use. This is not a 100% guarantee but we do take all reasonable steps to ensure our users’ privacy.